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MVA / IPS Displays

At In Touch we offer a varity of IPS / MVA Display Solutions. Sizes Range from:
Display Size Viewing Angle
4.3" 80/80/80/80
7.0" 89/89/89/89
9.7" 89/89/89/89
10.1" 85/85/85/85
10.4" 88/88/88/88
21.5" 89/89/89/89

Advanced Pcap Technology

The In Touch Advanced Pcap is capable of running both I2C and USB interfaces. The Advanced Pcap also has an added feature of Palm Rejection. This feature enables you to rest your hand on the display while using a stylus to write or interact with the display.

Optical Bond

In Touch offeres several differnet Optical Bond Solutions.

  • We offer your standard Liquid based bonding agent.

  • We also offer a Film based bonding agent.

High Bright Technology

In Touch can High Bright just about an display. We offer enhancements up to 2000 nit depending on the size of the display.

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