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The demands of the ever changing world have continued to push the need for Outdoor readable displays. In Touch offers solutions that range from standard off the shelf solutions at 1,000 nits to customized solutions up to 1,500 nits. The industrial design of our panels couple with our robust configurations have allowed for us to achieve these levels of brightness and outdoor readability.

In Touch displays offer High stability and reliability designs by using the most durable materials available today. The componentry used in our displays are designed to handle the rigors of extreme high/low ambient therma shock to ensure the life cycle expectations of our customers.

Ultra-durable backlight: Compared to the CCFL backlight tube can not afford low-temperature, LED backlight sources can easily handle both the low temperature ranges all the way up to running at over high-temperature limitations. With the specific design and concept, our LED backlights can operated from -40C to 90C with over 90% of light-emitting efficiency. In additional, the life cycle could be up to 100,000 hours based on the design and application. Our engineers are continually working with customers to meet their needs and requirements for outdoor readability.

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