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  • LCD
  • Touch Panel
  • Outdoor Display Solution
  • Control Board Solution

IN TOUCH provides LCD displays designed to fit into virtually every application within Industrial, Automotive, Consumer and Commercial markets.  Our Standard products feature long life production cycles, industrial grade temperatures, wide viewing angles, long life LED backlight and low power consumption.  We also have a complete line of High Brightness displays for OUTDOOR Applications with up to 1,500 nit backlights.  Check out our product offering or call us to design a panel to fit your specific needs.

Touch Panel Solutions

IIN TOUCH offer various technology of touch panel for our complete TFT Offering. Our Touch Panel offering covers:

    Resistive Touch Panels (4 & 5 Wire)
    Surface Touch Panel
    Projected Capacitive Touch Panel
IN TOUCH offers Touch Panels models ranging from 2.4"~21.5". Call us to aid in selecting your best solution for your application. IN TOUCH also has Automotive grade Touch Panels avaialble.

Click to Download a demo video of our new 10 Point Pcap.

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  • Product Selection Table
  • Surface Treatments
  • True Flat Touch Panel
  • Surface Structure
Model Type Electrical Multi Touch Durability Enviromental Mechanical Optical
Linearity Deviation Insulation Resistance Operation Temperature Storage Temperature Connection Tail Surface Hardness Activation Force Structure Transparancy Haze
Resistive Touch Panel 4wires Resistive <1.5% >20MΩ /25V (DV) 1 Finger 1 Million
up to
-30°C ~ +70°C
up to
-40°C ~ +80°C
FPC / FFC >3H <100g Stylus Film/Glass >80%±3% 1.5%~20%
5wires Resistive <1.5% >20MΩ /25V (DV) 1 Finger
2 Finger
10 Million Touches up to
-30°C ~ +85°C
up to
-40°C ~ +85°C
FPC / FFC >3H <50g Stylus Film/Glass& Glass/Film/Glass >80%±3% 1.5%~20%
Capacitive Touch Panel Surface Capacitive <1.5% >20MΩ /25V (DV) 1 Finger 200 Million Touches up to
-20°C ~ +70°C
up to
-30°C ~ +80°C
FPC / FFC >7H <10g Finger Glass >90%±3% -
Projected Capacitive <1.5% >20MΩ /25V (DV) 2 Finger 200 Million Touches up to
-30°C ~ +70°C
up to
-40°C ~ +80°C
FPC / FFC >7H Forceless Glass/Film/Film >83%±3% 1.5%~20%
Surface Treatments

The brightness emitted by LCD is around 300nits~400nits generally, but the sunlight of brightness will reach around 10,000 nits in outdoor, the reflective light will be too bright to human eyes, and user can't see the display in LCD. Therefore, to use anti-reflective film (AR film) in Touch panel be a good solution to solve the issue in outdoor. There are two type of AR film, you can use Linear Polarizer film on the top of Touch panel or use higher cost of Circular Polarizer film in rear side of top ITO Film. Compare to the most 20% reflection rate of normal touch panel design, the reflection rate of LCD will be 8~10% if you use Linear Polarizer film, and the reflection rate will under4~5% if you use Circular Polarizer film. But the transmission rate will reduce 5~6%

Anti-Glare Coating

This coating is a microscopically rough surface laminated onto the topmost of display can diffuse glare. The chemically etched film that has a
slightly textured finish can reduce reflection by scattering light directed on its surface. The main advantage plate is anti-glare so that viewer eyes will feel comfortable when they use the display products.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Mounting a resistive touch screen onto a LCD of lower brightness With the normal glass, the strong reflection of the ambient light diminishes visibility and causes problems for viewer. The anti-reflective coatings on the glass or film is a excellent performance in such tough ambient light conditions. The multi-layer vapor deposition coating either on one side or two sides of glass or film is designed to minimize reflectance and maximize transmittance, so it can reinforce and furthermore the visibility on a low-luminant LCD can be improved. Additionally for this product, the light transmission rate is adjustable by varying glass thickness and AR coating degree.

Anti-Fingerprint Coating

Using this coating to create an anti-fouling surface to keep the surface free of contamination from fingerprints and dirt, as well as making them easier to clean. Achieving oil and water repellency on surface is easily obtained with the use of fluoroalkyl-modified silanes, as this process showing exhibit high
static and advancing water and oil contact angles, their low receding contact angles mean the oil and water will not readily slide over the treated surface.
The goal of these improvements is a surface modified for use in forming a low-surface-tension layer or a dirt-preventive layer on the surface of various
substrates and a method for applying the coating material.

True Flat Touch Panel  
      Touch Panel with Decoritve Cover
        Various Shape of Decoritve Cover

In Touch is able to offer various materials and custom shape of Decorated Cover
to touch panel, there is a kind of frameless touch screen. It let product structure
become thinner and simpler, In Touch can make True Flat touch of 4wire, 5wires
and projective capacitive touch panel, the material of Decorated Cover could be
Glass, PC and PMMA.

The true flat touch panel only have the tail design similar to touch panels and needs
no particular design. Comparing to all existing designs, True Flat Touch Panel has
the following advantages:

• We mount decorated covers with customer' ID on the surface of touch panel.
• The custom sharp could have edges, rounded corner, drillable holes and printed indentation.
• A better light transmission rate
• more simple construction

          Structure of True Flat Touch Panel

Surface Structure

Based on normal resistive touch panel with film on the surface, the surface hardness is only 3H,
it's easy to be scratched and influence the performance of display. In Touch can offer the resistive
touch panel with a thin glass on the surface, that is GFG (Glass Film Glass) structure touch panel.
It is 0.1mm~0.2mm thin Glass , and have 7H surface hardness. It is more resistant to scratch and to be cleaned.

Outdoor Display Solutions

The demands of the ever changing world have continued to push the need for Outdoor readable displays. IN TOUCH
offers solutions that range fro standard off the shelf solutions at 1,000 nits to customized solutions up to 1,500 nits.
The industrial design of our panels couple with our robust configurations have allowed for us to achieve these levels of
brightness and outdoor readability.

IN TOUCH displays offer High stability and reliability designs by using the most durable materials available today.
The componentry used in our displays are designed to handle the rigors of extreme high/low ambient therma
shock to ensure the life cycle expectations of our customers.

Ultra-durable backlight: Compared to the CCFL backlight tube can not afford low-temperature, LED backlight
sources can easily handle both the low temperature ranges all the way up to running at over high-temperature
limitations. With the specific design and concept, our LED backlights can operated from -40C to 90C with over
90% of light-emitting efficiency. In additional, the life cycle could be up to 100,000 hours based on the design
and application. Our engineers are continually working with customers to meet their needs and requirements for
outdoor readability.

Control Board Solutions

IN TOUCH can offer turn-key solutions for the complete display system. This approach can greatly reduce and simplify the development schedule.

Our rich experience of PCB designation help

• Touch Panel Controller Board
• LCD controller board(AD board)
• LVDS converter board
• LED driver board

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  • Touch Panel Control Board
  • LCD Controller Board (AD Board)
  • LVDS Converter Board
  • LED Driver Board
Touch Panel Controller Board

IN TOUCH offers the latest in both resistive and capacitive touch controller boards that accompany our touch panels.

  Model Function Support Touch Panel Size Interface Supported OS
RS-Series TP control board 4wires /5wires Resistive Touch Panel 3.5" ~ 21.5" SPI/UART/I2C/USB Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, WinCE, Linux
SC-Series TP control board Surface Capacitive Touch Panel 3.5"~15.0" SPI/UART/I2C/USB
PC-Series TP control board Projective Capacitive Touch Panel 3.5"~15.0" I2C/USB Windows 7, WinCE, Linux, Andriod

LCD Controller Board (AD Board)

IN TOUCH’s LCD controller board (AD board) is set to act as a controller and is designed to operated LCD panel with maximum resolution up to 42” Full-HD display. There are friendly operation menu in software, and custom keypad for specific application.

 What’s specifications we can offer:

•        3.5” ~ 46” TFT LCD, and up to 1920x1200 display resolution
•       24bits RGB signal
•        TTL signal and dual or single LVDS signal standard output
•        OSD function: Brightness, contrast, Gamma setting, phase clock, H/V position, Auto          configuration, lanuage, speaker volume.
•       Auto input signal detecting
•       Various power voltages output
•       EMI and ESD certifications
•       Wide operateion and storage temperature range

LVDS Controller Board

For some industrial applications, especially PC-based systems,  it can't access LCD by TTL interface. IN TOUCH is able to offer a converter board from your signals to LCD, and it include related circuit inside, it just simply your designation. IN TOUCH would accept your recommend to make a custom converter to you.


LED Driver Board

For almost LCD, there is no embedded LED driver circuit to backlight, in order to reduce the task for engineer, IN TOUCH offer several LED driver board for owns standard LCD or high brightness LCD, we optimize the settings of this driver board and let backlight work more reliable and stable.


Click to Download In Touch Electronics Expanded Product Offering

In Touch Expanded Product Offering
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Note1: Touch Panels are available for most items.
Note2: Brightness upgrades are available for most panels.


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